About Me

DennisHello, and welcome to my world of photography.  I am a New York City based photographer that specializes in product photography, fine art photography, and digital image editing.

New York City offers a rich canvas from which to work –  from street life, capturing the human existence in it’s varying degrees, to some of the world’s best architecture.  The internet offers a wide open market for E-commerce photography which I shoot out of my live work space on the upper westside.  Being versatile in my photography allows me to develop my skills in different areas and always makes my work exciting.  I also like to travel when I get the chance, always carrying way too much photography equipment with me!

I have always been passionate about photography and Photoshop.  It is that passion that drives me to express my point of view in my fine art images or striving for perfection in shooting and editing commercial images for clients.

The great American photographer Aaron Siskind once said “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.”  I couldn’t agree more!  Enjoy.